You will find many jewels of course!

Of every form and value. Probably the only shop where handcrafted and machined jewels, worth between a few and several thousand euros “live” in the same window display,in harmony.

Gold and iron, diamond and jade side by side, “peers” in the effort it took to turn the lifeless material in a living creation.

All made with the same respect, they are available for all, regardless of taste, age, experience and price. With the same level of service, be it a formal gift or a priceless necklace.

Apart from jewels – most of them handcrafted – you will find many items of decoration for small or bigger gifts, you can carve monograms or any other idea you can have, as well as have old and loved jewels repaired of valued and even change the form of old jewels seen under a fresh eye.

And if you don’t have a clear idea what it is you want… don’t worry. The imagination and experience of Alexandra, coupled with the astute craftsmanship of Vangelis will save the day.

The house VERYKOKAKIS works closely with young Greek jewelmakers,
such as Angeliki Laios, Anne-Marie (painter),
Helen Kleidaras, Dialehti, Marianthi Filippou and others.